I am now a spender!! I can't help but buy things. Although thankfully I have actually learnt a great deal through the Flipping Thrift challenge.

Friday, 8 July 2011

My first purchase

Yes I have made a few purchases (GASP) not a many items too left field of my priority list below but some items that I am a little embarassed to admit to.

Maternity Pantyhose - Although not on the wish list below, I have actually missed the skin tone pantyhose not being available from my wardrobe.  Having said that since buying these three weeks ago I have only worn them once.  Still a good item to have.
Bought from a charity store, still in their packets. 
Bought for a bargain £2 for TWO PAIR.  Originally £6 each from
Mama Jo Jo.  Love a bargain.

The outing to Bicester Village!!!

Bicester Village is similar to Woodbury Common in New York. Full of Designer stores selling off previous season's stock at discount prices.

I was determined to shop at Bicester for items ONLY from my wish list: a winter coat, winter boots, summer sandals, trainers and a white tee. I did not find these items BUT (oh my) I found some other lovely treasures. I could not help it and I don't even want to admit it here. I have to fess up and tell.

I was in Temperly London and the above beauties were heavily reduced

The Messanger

Dress size 12

Dress size 10

Hear me out whilst I try to reason...

The thing is, historically if I have found a stand out item that I love and it is at a good price then I have had no hesitation in buying it and keeping it for when I need it. This way I have always had something to wear and I never shop for an outfit on impulse or desperation.

Having spent the past year not buying a thing I really do think that I have missed out on some awesome bargains and I have missed out on buying the stand out items in my travels that I just love to find. And London my friends is certainly a place for one off vintage and designer finds. So how could I possibly resist buying these items at a third of the price??!!

I am proud of my purchases although I still have a case of the guilt’s. Here’s why...

I am heavily pregnant (any day now) and I really don't have a clue as to what size I will get back to after having the baby. I do feel a little silly having bought these dresses not knowing if they will even fit. Pre pregnancy I was an 8-10 and here I am now buying a 10 and 12. Oh dear I really do have the guilt’s, has my compulsion resurfaced so suddenly after such a great year??

The handbag on the other hand I absolutely adore and I don't have the guilt’s about this. It was sensibly purchased with baby in mind, an over-the -shoulder messenger bag is perfect for a hands-full mum.

Should I reveal the total cost of these items...hmmm. Ok well seeing my Mum and Dad don’t read my blog I will reveal.

Bag - £200 (originally £500)
Dress with lace - £215 (originally £600 and Blair Waldorf has one in peach and black)
Dress with studding –£150 (Originally £400)

Now for some more new purchases...

Hair ties (£1) Primark

Hair donut (£1) Primark (Please note: Boots sell them for near £5)

Do you know what this little tool is used for? 
To get a perfect, volumnous hair bun.  Look here:

I'm probably not surposed to post these images but look who else uses the bun donut:


I am happy with the latter two purchases - they were afterall kind of necessary.  Although I am not sure if I will even be doing my hair once baby arrives especially in the bun.

Nao xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

And now???!!!

You are all asking, what is the first thing you are going to buy?

This sounds a little boring after a whole year of no buying but to me this is like coming off of a diet. I don’t want to rush out and feast on retail rags and undo all the good work. I want to be sensible and learn from what this year has taught me. Do you think I would torture myself for nothing? I want to be able to say that I have actually taken something valuable and learnt from this (sometimes excruciating) experience.

There are indeed some purchases that I have wanted (desperately) to make throughout the year and believe me, these items were severely missed.

Here’s my wish list:

Street trainers/sneakers

I want a pair of street trainers/sneakers to surrender my poor over walked ballet flats and gym trainers.  I want sensible support as well as style.  I really don’t want to wear my gym trainers with anything other than gym gear ever again – did I just admit that I did?  Jerry Seinfeld no more!

I like these Converse I do.  I just love a pair of white sneakers for the summer. 

And how's about these cute Gucci's darling?

A bit of a statement Adidas.  These you can actually customise - oh dear I may be sucked in.

Bobby pins/curby cribs and hair ties
I would like to treat myself to some hair ties that actually hold my pony tail – ah that would be nice - a tight pony tail.  I was so committed to this promise, not even a purchase of a single bobby pin or hair tie?  Thanks to my sister and a caring friend (who could see I needed to pin back my growing-out fringe) they both spared me some hair ties and pins from their own stash.  I have cared for these small easy-to-loose items all year.  They are now on the very worn side.
A well worn hair tie.  Sister S, I did take good care of your gift.  xx
Look at the poor bobby.  I still used it you know.  How?  Those ones
were good for the messy style bun, I just shove them in and hope it holds. 

A long length winter coat (duck or goose down for minus temps)

For those chilling winter days. I was layered to the brim with all the warm stuff I could possibly fit on. I found it so hard to move and be flexible. One quality goose/duck down coat to layer on top would have been perfect. And would have prevented me looking rather Michelin Man.
Something like this minus the mangy trim.  Clenched
waist is a must in winter so the layers don't smother your fem

Liking the double lining, mmmm warm.

The North Face, 
I trust this will gear me up with it's performance qualities

A pair of snow boots for London winters

I longed for a reliable pair of winter boots. Waterproof, fur-lined, treaded and of course, fashionable. I got around in my brown riding boots ensuring I always had times- two pairs of woollen socks to rescue my tootsies from freezing. A boot with good tread would have saved my pregnant body the slip up on ice, flat on my back and banged my head, I did. Now that warrants a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, don’t you think? :)

Ahhhh RL, just what I needed.

Right in the heart of the Jan freeze I spotted
these Ralph Lauren's on sale.  I don't even
want to talk about the price.
A pair of summer flat sandals

Last summer I donned my ballet flats, my ankle boots and my (I dread them) flip flops. This summer I have so far waddled about in my ballet flats and ankle boots. Not the best for final stages of pregnancy. So yes, I admit, here and there I have snuck in the Seinfeld look (for sensible pregnant reasons). Now I really, really want (with a cherry on top) a comfy, elegant summer sandal. One that looks sensible and is sensible, especially now that I will be baby-buggy-ing.

I think I have found the perfect pair, the only problem now is choosing just one!! Yakes!! Oh my, now I am in a pickle.

A.C.P.  Buckled leather flat sandals.  Just what I am in the market for.

Bottega Veneta has taken it a chunky and comfy.

Camila Skovgarrd, I've not heard of you but I have found you now.
These are not sandals but they are making me crazy.  LOVE EM!! and check out that tread.
Rollers - that was what the Aussies called this tread in the 80's.

Oh no, I don't think this classifies as a sandal either.
LD Tuttle your shoes are oh-so-nice.

M M MMMarni I love you.

Tory Burch, you've done so well.  These are just so classic and gorgeous and I want them.

Neutral or Blue Tory?  Which ones, which ones. 'What, they're on sale...
purchase both colours....awwhhhh'.

What else what else...

A white tee
I don’t really neeeeed it, but I want it. I would like a brand spanking new crisp white tee or tank to wear in the hospital with new baby. I am already thinking of baby’s first photos and to be completely honest (vanity kicking in here) I would like to look nice.  Like a capable mum with a hint of style from the hospital bed. Of course I wont care during the labour but afterwards when baby is dressed in his/her brand new whites, then I would like to mirror that. I would like to look nice for baby on their first day.  

I will also ban husband from wearing graphic or branded tees. I know I know, it’s harsh but the photos are of the family meeting for the first time and I will not have a brand  getting in on the fun with their slogan peaking in the shots. 

So a beautifully cut white tee or a soft white shirt is what I want for.

Splended is the brand.  So it is a little more than a
Gap tee although this one is special, it's soft touch.  That's
perfect for new baby.
Kain.  This one is a little more than the last and I
know that I can pick it up from Gap or the likes of Zara.

I think that would be about all for now.  Actually I thought...I thought that would be it.  NOW, after writing this entry and posting some delicious clothing offers, I think I need to go shopping.  Anyone for Bicester Village factory outlets this Sat?? That's where I'll be.

NAO xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

FIVE days to go

I can’t believe it myself; I have only five days to go!!!

Although I have not been the best blogger through this whole process I have in fact been taking lots of photos and taking notes for material. I just don’t post them as often as I should.

Despite my lack of communication I do intend to share this journey with you. Although the year is coming to an end, I will continue sharing the funny visuals, stories and tips on how to survive if you are thinking of a similar challenge.

Here’s a little picture story for you.

June 2010

Photo taken June 2010.
A Fav dress purchased in

Photo taken Jan 2011
at three months pregnant

July 2010

Photo taken February 2010.
Dress purchased Feb 2010.
Did me for Melbourne summer 2010 and
again for London Summer 2010.

Photo Taken July 2010
London summer

Photo taken May 2011.
I wear this dress all the time
now with leggings and another top over it. 
It is such a great pregnancy option. It's getting
rather tight though.
Photo taken April 2011.
 August 2010

Photo taken August 2010.  These cotton
beach trousers were wide legged so I
trimmed and sewed the sides in for a more
complimenting slim leg silhouette and
used the excess to make a
coordinating headband. Noice!

September 2010
Photo taken Sept 2010.
I did splash out in 2009 to purchase
these leggings.  They were quite a
luxury from Austrlaian Designers
Camilla and Marc.  Deffo paid off, I wear
them allllll the time.  They are a staple and
have even taken me through to six months
pregnant.  After six months I didn't like anything
tight around my waist.

Photo taken Sept 2010 NYC.
In my leggings again.  This day I borrowed
from my best friend and I felt like new.  I have her
shirt, scarf and trusty fav piece, the DKNY jacket.
I didn't want to return her clothing but I did :)

October 2010
Half way through the month I discover I am pregnant!! Watch the weight stack on :)

Photo taken October 2010.  Going out and looking for a skirt option.  Proved
a little difficult as I felt a little out-of -date.  Wishing for a new season outfit.

Not liking the skirt sticking to my tights with static.

Better option although a tad tight on the waist. Oh well, the things we
do for fashion.  Tight but I wore it anyway.  No other choice.

And the jacket...I was in such a fuss.  It wasn't cold enough for a big furry
one.  But I did not have much choice.  I was getting rather frustrated here.

I ended up out like this however I really didn't love the jacket option. 

Photo taken end of October.
It was getting rather chilly.  I discovered husband's puffer.  Very much
compromising my style here.  I made sure I rushed to the gym head down
so nobody could recognise me. Ha who was I kidding.  I actually donned
this crazy look more than once.  Oh dear.

Photo taken late October  2010.
Here I am with my positive pregnancy
test.  Unfortunately these trusty riding
trousers didn't fit over my hips
after just  two months.

November 2010

Photo taken November 2010.  My trusty stripe  number AGAIN!
Those trusty brown riding boots and the trusty fur jacket.
Not a lot of variety here.  But so comfy and warm.

Photo taken November 2010.
Ok so I have had some fun doing a spot of modeling - Naomi
style.  I was trying to be a little bit like Audrey here in
Funny Face.

Photo taken November 2010.
Meet my friend Fedrico.  He has not bought a thing for years.
Swaps, exchanges and borrowing is his motto. 

Photo taken November 2010.
I loved this number from Zara.  I would have bought it had
I not been on this promise.  It is classic, black and timeless.
SOOO cheap too. drats.  Oh well, I put it in a bubble and
blew it away.

Photo taken November 2010.
Another Zara wish list item.  Nao, just walk away...walk away.

December 2010

Photo taken December 2010 SHANGHAI.
Trusty stripe again!! Brown boots and tights.
I think I have worn this one completly OUT!

Baby Yumi at 3 months!!

Photo taken December 2010 MELBOURNE.
I borrowed this number to wear to a wedding
which I just loved wearing.
It was like having a totally new dress.
Baby bump just showing, only just.
Borrowed cluch bag too.
Shoes - my own
stored at Mum's house.

Really did love this dress. Oh and
that braclet is sister borrowed.
Love sisters for that stuff. Pitty
we are not always in the same

 January 2011

Photo taken January 2011.
My sister loaned me her Maternity
jeans until she needs them again.

A wish list item.  Being pregnant you have to
keep up the fluids.  I would have bought this
drink bottle but I didn't as it would have
counted as an accessory.  I am still wanting this
item.  This is when you know that something is
worth while purchasing.  When you haven't forgotten
about it.  Especially around London this drink bottle
with the over the shoulder strap would be so handy.
June 14th here we come!! 

February 2011

Photo taken February 2011.
This is all I got for Feb.  Wool dress inherited from best
friend in NY.  Warm, stretchy and oh-so-comfy.
March 2011
Photo taken March 2011.
Comfy again in the stripe number.

Trying to celebrate my curves, or more like, come to terms with them :)

Photo taken March 2011.
Job interview, informal thank
goodness.  No trouser suit to
fit me now.
Photo taken March 2011.
Dress I picked up from a sample sale
a few years back.  A little big for me however I
 never had it altered as I thought
that one day when I am a bit more weighty (like being
pregnant) then I would have somethig smart to wear.
Well I just have to say that you carry the baby weight
in places you never thought you would.  This dress
has still never been worn, it was a struggle to get it on.

April 2011

Photo taken April 2011.
Hand-me-downs, both the
dress and the cardi.
I love this little number.
I just had to wear my heeled
boots with this outfit.
Pregnant woman in heels???
Asking for trouble.


Photo taken April 2011.
Purchased for next to
nothing from a sample sale.
I used to belt it at the waist
and have been known to
wear it with bare legs.
That was of course when
the ruffles didn't ride up
so high.

I just love this dress.  It has been
versatile and stylish since day one.
It's a keeper although it has been
mended twice now. And possibly stretched now.
I'm wearing it here with my maternity
jeggings that were a birthday present,
and a god send. :)

Photo taken early May 2011.
Hand-me-down blouse.  Fitted me then but now i'm
busting out of it.

Photo taken early April 2011.
Hand-me-down dress from my sister.  I love this thing.  It
is sooo easy to wear and so comfy over the bump. It is
not even a maternity number.  Sister had it in black too but
I left that behind- oops mistake!! Should have bagged that one too.
You see my trusty ankle boots - still love em.
Photo taken early April 2011.

Photo taken late April 2011.
This green number I can't evern recall
where I bought it.  It must have been on sale back in Oz 2009.
I wore it loads in the summer with my ankle boots
and it still actually fits me bump and all.
Rather short although if I keep an eye on it and
don't let it ride up then it is fine. 

Photo taken July 2010.

Photo taken April 2011, TUSCANY.
What a shocker!! Husband's shorts and
a top that could be a tad longer.  Lucky
this photo is rather blury.  If Icould buy,
I would have bought a pair of maternity
summer shorts and a pair of sandals.
Oh well :)

Photo taken late April 2011, TUSCANY.
A little better.  This dress is a hand-me-down from my sister
although a hand-me-back after pregnancy.  It's not something I
would usually wear although it worked and was easy in the heat.
Beggers can't be choosers!

  May 2011
Photo taken May 2011, PARIS.
This dress has been waiting for the sun to come out.  It is not a maternity dress,
it's just one I have collected over the years.  It still has plently of bump room
and is a lovely summer option.  happy to have this one

Photo taken May 2011.
this number is a hand-me-down. 
Although I don't have to give it back.
I am glad about that as I love it so much.
Again it is not a maternity dress, just a swinging
cut A-line from Zara.

June 2011

Photo taken June 2011.
I am deffo getting bigger!! At only 6 weeks left of pregnancy
here.  I have my trusty Stella for Target blouse
on over my leggings.  The leggings
that get an absolute workout and have to be washed and dried
constantly.  I have husband's hat on just becuase I wanted to
mix it up a bit and feel like I had something different on.
Photo taken this Morning, June 9 2011.
This knitted jersey dress is a hand-me-down too.
easy to wear and smart too.  It really shows off my 35 week

So there you have it, a snap shot of my 360 day journey with only five days to go.

NAO xx